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PhaSuam waterfall, Champasak, Laos

พฤหัสบดี ที่ 8 เดือน ตุลาคม พ.ศ.2558



Pha Suam waterfall, Champasak, Laos

            Travel along Highway 23 to the Huairae Village at Km 21, turn left on Highway 20, about 13 kilometers and turn left into the waterfall. Listen to the waterfall may look strange, but the word Suam (the meaning is toilet) means beds set aside for daughter, son in law, the word "toilet" of Laos, referring to the bedrooms of the groom - the bride or loft. As opposed to the word "toilet" of Thailand, the word "Tat" means a stone patio floor. It is a small waterfall scenery is very beautiful, which is surrounded by waterfalls that look like the bedroom of the girl.

            In addition, the park also has a museum collection of ancient villages of many ethnic exhibit for tourists to visit like the homes of Tang tribal. The tribes living in the area around the waterfalls is home of the tribes of Alak, Katuo. Home of Pike/''/s cabinet were used as a place of worship of the Lawae tribal. In the Bajeang national park, The model village that has many ancient tribal identity remains. The museum hosted by Tribal. Homes of the project was to convert The master of the house of tribal Visitors welcome. The project consists of eight employees in the tribal villages of ethnic tribes like Katuo, Ngae, Ta-oi, Lawen, and several tribes in Bajiang national Park, Champasak.

            This waterfall flows year-round. It is a beautiful waterfall in the big rocks. There is a bar and as they have brought those rocks lined up in order like a beautifully decorated bedroom. This is called Bajiang cave City. The waterfall water all year round. The natural forests provide moisture and shade for visitors to experience the icy water and enjoy the beauty of waterfalls among the giant monolith. A bedroom with a spectacular called "Cave of the Father Jiang" (men) and in the same area. There was also a small waterfall. Tat Ma Ngaw (the women), which has a waterfall throughout the year as well. Both the waterfalls clean, pure water flow from Bhoo Dhevadha (Mount Angel) (Volcanic eruption 500 years ago). The highlights of the waterfall is the water that flows through the rocky shores that looks like a bar shaped like a tower of the couple looks very beautiful. Next, it is a waterfall that is smaller than, the Tat Ma Ngaw, which is related tales that recount so long is the love story of the men Bajiang and women Marong and many places are about. With the coming of such tales, where the legendary story of love BaJiang, Champasak and Marong. Final Fantasy is a fiction love deduct the recount successor to the present awaits visitors to remember the truth of history, love this place. The legend of legends, literature, and so long as love lasts forever, "BaJiang and Marong" tragic love as the source of Phu BaJiang (Mount Bajiang).

            PhaSuam Bajing Park City, Mr.Wimon Kijbumrung
, businessman from Thailand concession this area to develop to a resort. But around this waterfall is just around degraded forest land filled with piles of trash heap. Within this forest, there is almost no living creatures at all. Entrance is only a small wagon that some crooked, some as deep as the more he has to keep the climber has to challenge like that. Because of the steep switch. Which can not be put into a car. If it is the rainy season here, not to mention it. That if caught in it will be cut off from the outside world by default.

            Mr.Wimon Kijbumrung has unblemished credit care traveling and fascinated with this place. Under the invitation of friend/''/s business that was acquired. Champasak Palace Hotel From the original concessionaire before his investment decisions. He has to explore in Champasak as a research project to analyze and decide. If he invest how he will create a marketing plan, how to travel, or place in the area succeed. Coinciding with him, talk to the officer of Champasak in those days, looking to the businessman for investment to develop tourism in Laos. Eventually, he was given the concession to develop Bajiang National Park. This is the location of the waterfall cliff mask from the Lao government for a period of 15 years.

            When he received such an offer, then return to consult with family in Thailand. The family agreed that it was the same. He did not wait decide to travel to Laos alone by beginning his trip with a comb, one banana, bread one loaf, a compass, a notebook and an axe to the role of exploring the treasures to explore take day after day, night after night until today than any time over the years. He went on to explore it like that upon entering the second year. He began laying plans and start construction. During that time, he has elephant as vehicle and local workers in the area for about 80 people.

            Mr.Wimon told that local labor in those days was very difficult to control. If they hear a bird flying into a tree on the island. Hear the fish jump swim or what animal they can be eaten. He would not work or interesting to work in front of one bit. They will take all the time to devote to hunting over. Finally he must decide lunch program so that all workers willing and dedicated to the project success. Construction will take up to five years to this beautiful waterfall. The material was used in the construction of the cascade, relies on fossil wood. The water flows along the rock wool pile is level to achieve a different level waterfall.

            After the waterfall built up until a beauty that many people who have to experience this. Mr.Wimon sees the color of it just two days after he was finished. He had to be carried to the hospital for an emergency. Doctors diagnosed He has a severe infection, fever Corona lick. Loss of almost all organs, kidney failure, lung, liver, swelling and loss of vision. Doctor tell his family and unblemished that miracles will happen to him, it/''/s just prince slumber only

            His wife decided to medical treatment every way because she think that someday unblemished be healed. And then a miracle happened to him again. He woke up as usual, almost a hundred percent, except the vision on eye. During his treatment at the hospital over a period of three months, he had ordered his work over the phone by all. By his followers know that the fact that his lawyers were admitted to the hospital.

            Today, he can see a waterfall that he built by hand and others. But what he saw was only black and white only. Can not see the true colors of nature. However, he did not discourage fate. Because he intended all along to develop this area, Tat Pha Suam to ecotourism. It is the place for those who love the nature. To experience the beauty and the importance he gives to tribes. Residents in the area of ​​a career and make money without having to work abroad.

            Mr.Wimon Kijbumrung is thai citizen. He was born in the province of Nakhon Pathom. He had a dream with fire, patience and perseverance natural build up self spite of the many people who saw the condition of forests in Bajiang National Park sits in those days, it took commuters. But he returned to explore every nook and cranny. So become a tourist attraction that many people are brought together to discuss.

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